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Rail Solutions

We’re passionate about providing top-quality crane rail products to meet your needs. Whether you’re in mining, ports, manufacturing or the big build, our network of suppliers ensures we can find the solution.

Current Products

Welded Rail  Clips, Through Bolt Rail Clips,
Rail Pad, Fish plates, Sole plates

through bolt crane rail clip

Through Bolt Rail Clips

  • Through bolt rail clips are specialised fasteners used in railway and crane track systems.

  • Connect the rail to supporting structures and are designed to minimise bending loads.

  • Through bolt clips feature a circular cam for secure locking.

  • Can be hot-dip galvanized without compromising their lateral resistance rating.

  • Through bolt rail clips play a crucial role in maintaining stability and safety in rail systems.

welded crane rail clip

Weldable & Interlocking Rail Clips

  • These clips consist of an upper clip and a lower weldable forged steel component.

  • The components slide and interlock securely.

  • Designed to function as friction connections, requiring precise tightening to the specified torque.

  • Standard hex bolts, nuts, and hardened washers are used for installation.

  • Features a vulcanized synthetic pressure block.

crane rail pad

Crane Rail Pad

  • A variety of rail pads designed to provide continuous support for the rail.

  • Rail pads minimise noise generated by rail movement annd reduce vibrations transmitted through the rail.

  • Extend the lifespan of the rail and facilitate smoother crane movement.

  • Assists to alleviate stress on the structure and the crane.

rail fish plates

Runway Systems

  • Standard profile fishplates (4-hole and 6-hole) for all rail sizes and junction fishplates for joining differing size rails.

  • Hook bolts which are used to attach lighter rails to channels or directly onto a crane rail beam.

  • Soleplates to provide rails with a flat and smooth resting surface. They ensure proper alignment and stability for the rail system.

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